About Us

Cairo Education was founded in 2016 by Phil Neild.

Phil has enjoyed working in international education for nearly twenty years. He has been Principal of three international schools and also he is a qualified inspector for the British Schools Overseas’ (BSO).

Having lived and worked in Europe, America, Africa and South East Asia, Phil is able to call on a wide range of experienced educational professionals.

Aa a passionate educator, Phil has recently set up Cairo Education to provide high quality services to those with an interest in education¬†in Cairo and beyond. For more information about Cairo Education’s offered services, please visit the following pages.

Our goal is to provide the services that you need whether you are a teacher, senior manager or school owner. If you need something, we will certainly find the person to do it for you !

If you have any further enquiries, please contact us: phil@cairoeducation.com

Cairo Education is owned and operated by Horus Education Limited, UK.