Cairo Education offers training courses on-site in schools in addition to arranging visits from global educational specialists.

Providers include The TA College and Yearwood Education who have conducted highly successful workshops at Malvern College, BISC, NCBIS        & EL Alsson Schol.

Cairo Education offers the following courses on-site:

TeachStart 1

TeachStart is a new training programme offered by Cairo Education aimed at teachers who have not completed a formal teaching qualification but are looking to enhance their teaching knowledge and practice. The course will provide participants with effective practical strategies to take back to their classroom and improve students’ learning.

The course covers the following topics; curriculum & lesson planning, classroom management, assessment & reporting, accommodating ESL & learning support students and student motivation.

What they say ?
“A fantastically practical programme…” Glenn, South Africa
“Everything I needed to know to improve my teaching…” Vicky, Brazil
“Not like any other training I have ever had……” Angie, Egypt
“My time is now more effectively spent on improving students’ learning…” Nada, Egypt

TeachStart 2 

Following the success of TeachStart 1, Cairo Education is pleased to be able to bring you TeachStart2 – From Good to Outstanding !

This 10 hour course is aimed at staff who have experience and who are consistent classroom practitioners but who may wish to now extend their own knowledge and teaching skills to the next level. The course is aimed at both class teachers and specialist teachers and may be suitable for teachers who have recently undertaken the PGCEi (or who may be considering it for next year) or staff who are passionate and keen to improve and develop. It is open to staff from all key stages.


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