Early Years

Guaranteeing  Quality in the Foundation Stage in Egypt 

Starting school is the most important step a child will make in their education. That is why we must ensure that it is the right step in the right direction for each unique young personality.

For a considerable time, the UK Early Years Education for Children from 3- 5 years of age (The Foundation Phase) has won International recognition for its overall approach to how children learn best, develop positive attitudes to learning, to each other and to their place in the world.

In the best International settings, children learn through practical experience, finding out by doing and enjoying co-operating with others. They look forward to school, finding every day an adventure. They are encouraged to be independent, to form their own ideas and to regard their teachers and helpers as their friends. Learning is FUN!

Children are positively encouraged to develop the basic skills they will need in life to be happy and successful. They learn through planned activities carefully matched to their ages and maturity. All of this learning should take place in a very stimulating environment, where children feel safe, are valued and treated with care.

Choosing the right school for this to happen is a very important choice for parents. Sadly, too many young children find themselves in classes where the education is inappropriate. Far from fostering a love of learning, young children are given a second- class education by teachers who have little or no understanding of how to teach these best and to meet their needs.

We aim to provide parents with an entirely independent and accurate assessment of the quality of the Foundation Phase before they commit to the school. Judgements will be based on the Key Features of the UK Foundation Stage Framework and Curriculum.

Where the school meets the standards set out in these documents relating to –

  • The Quality of the Curriculum
  • The Standard of Teaching
  • The Learning Environment
  • The Quality of Care &  Support

We will certify and issue a Certificate of Early Years Excellence, renewable every three years, to assure parents that the school has met the best UK standards expected.